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Before & After Manipulations


This is a collection of whimsical photo manipulations inspired by Loretta Lux's style. Despite my extensive experience with subtle photo editing and manipulation, I enjoy pushing the boundaries beyond the realm of natural aesthetics. When I embark on creating these pieces, I envision a playful and enchanting world that comes to life through my artistry, and the end results truly speak for themselves.

Through these photo manipulations, I strive to evoke a sense of wonder and transport viewers to a magical realm where imagination knows no bounds. The creative process brings me immense joy, and I take pride in the unique and captivating artworks that emerge from my vision. As each piece unfolds, it becomes a delightful expression of my artistic exploration and a reflection of the whimsy that resides within. I hope that those who encounter my creations find themselves captivated by the enchanting narratives and emotions that these works embody.

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