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So You Want to Be A Gardener


Andrejs Pramnieks

Andrejs Pramnieks, a first-time author, approached me with his treasured possession—a handwritten gardening book tailored for Hudson Valley enthusiasts. Entrusting me with complete creative freedom, he allowed me to take charge of the design and layout. Immersed in the project, I poured my heart into crafting an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly book that perfectly complemented the wealth of gardening knowledge within its pages. When I presented the finished product to Andrejs, his delight was evident, and his appreciation for the final outcome was truly gratifying.

The collaboration with Andrejs proved to be a rewarding experience, as his passion for gardening and my design expertise seamlessly converged to bring forth a delightful book. Witnessing Andrejs' joy over the finished work further reinforced my commitment to delivering meaningful and impactful design solutions that resonate with clients and elevate their cherished creations. The project left an indelible mark on both of us, fostering a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in knowing that we had created something truly special together.

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