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Roger Risko

Roger approached me with a request to re-write his musical, 'Metatron The Rock Musical,' as a book, and entrusted me to elevate his creation to a new level. With complete creative freedom, I embarked on the task of designing the layout and setting the overall tone of the book. The opportunity to breathe new life into his work filled me with enthusiasm, and I embraced the challenge wholeheartedly. When the project reached its conclusion, both Roger and I were thrilled with the final outcome, cherishing the successful collaboration that brought his musical to life in a captivating and immersive book format.

Having the liberty to shape the book's layout and ambiance allowed me to infuse my artistic vision into the project, ensuring that it perfectly captured the essence of 'Metatron The Rock Musical' while offering readers an enriching experience. Witnessing Roger's satisfaction with the finished product was a rewarding experience, reaffirming my commitment to delivering design solutions that exceed expectations and fulfill the creative aspirations of my clients. The collaborative effort between Roger and me resulted in a harmonious fusion of his musical and my design expertise, creating a book that celebrated the magic and excitement of his original work in a brand-new medium.

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