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designer artist . visionary artistic director

kate brodowska

Red head holing clay ball and wearing apron
Father and daughter wearing UCAT branding

logo . branding . identity


Click more to find examples of logos, branding, and other materials I have created over the years.


print . posters . advertising . photography . ui/ux

Various other works I have created through the years. From print books to digital manipulations.

A few examples of UI/UX work created using Adobe XD, Figma, and After Effects.

My thesis: an AR print book blurring virtual and real, sparking deep contemplation on reality's nature, aiming to inspire reflection and wonder.

Kate Brodowska's self portrait

I crafted 'Cola Coma' in an advanced typography class, reinterpreting wrestling as a spectacle and its relevance to 2020 politics, resulting in a book, tabloid spread, and promotional video.

In 2019, a Danish jewelry company hired me to design posters highlighting their ethical gemstone sourcing and sustainability commitment.

I curated trendy pieces, led a successful student photoshoot for SUNY Ulster's shop promotion, and showcased the results in an Albany art exhibit and Chronogram magazine.

I created 'Cola Coma,' reframing wrestling as a spectacle tied to 2020 politics. This video accompanied the book.

Created a few intros and Outros for Inside + Out Upstate NY. The videos had to be formatted for both horizontal and vertical views.

Eye, camera, action


motion design.

A short advertising clip for a client who provided the assets.

Kate Brodowska


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